What’s your style? If you’re like many people, you might struggle to answer this question. Perhaps you drool over certain looks that you see on celebrities or in shop windows. But when it comes to pulling together an outfit that expresses your personality, aesthetic and charm, you just can’t seem to find the perfect permutation.

Ninth Denim holds the key to your personal style. As a personal stylist in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and NY I have more than 15 years of experience designing wardrobes for A-list personalities. I take what I have learned from my years in the luxury fashion market and apply it to every client and budget.

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Overcoming Your Biggest Style Struggles

  • Are you overwhelmed with your closet?
  • Does it take you forever to choose the perfect outfit for everyday or a special event?
  • Do you find stores in LA or New York hard to navigate?

My superpower is streamlining your style so that you can approach every day with confidence. We can do more with what you have. You’d be surprised at how little you need in your closet to multiply your style opportunities. When every piece is finely selected to suit you, getting dressed for work or a gala feels like slipping on a second skin.

Many people worry that working with a personal stylist will leave them with a closet full of beautiful pieces that they’ll never end up wearing. But I’m not here to make you look like someone you’re not; my goal is to infuse your wardrobe with the perfect pieces for your lifestyle, confidence, comfort and budget. Everyone will wonder how you always look so effortlessly composed and perfectly appropriate for every occasion.


My Process

How Personal Styling Works

  • It all starts with a quick phone call. On the call, I’ll ask some questions to find out your goals and needs plus explain how I work
  • You’ll fill out a form to give me your stats and some fun information
  • Once a plan is nailed down, I get to work – this can be done one of several ways:   

    We shop together (Hey, some people enjoy it and that’s totally fine with me!)

    I shop for you and bring everything to a location of your choice

    I shop virtually for you and have everything sent to your location
  • Next, we’ll meet up for a low-key fitting and style session
  • Lastly, everything you do not choose is returned (You won’t be paying for anything you don’t LOVE!)

What Can A Personal Fashion Stylist Help You With?

Some of the most popular requests from clients include:

  • Cultivating a style that suits them
  • Learning how to find clothes that complement their size, shape and individuality
  • Makeovers for all genders
  • A Closet Edit that leaves you with the perfect pieces for every occasion
  • Styling for special events and professional shoots
  • Finding the best fit
  • Vacation packing
  • Beauty concierge services to complete and maintain your transformation
  • Shopping concierge and delivery
  • Tours of the unique shopping districts in LA and New York

Benefits Of A Personal Stylist

Piecing together the perfect outfit from your closet can be daunting. Shopping for new items is often exhausting. Allow me to help you build your ideal look with impeccably chosen items that make getting dressed a peaceful, joyful experience.

The primary benefits of working with a personal stylist include:

  • Establish a complete wardrobe for every occasion
  • No more panicky impulse buying
  • Find clothes that complement your body type
  • Highlight your best assets
  • Feel comfortable in your outfit and skin

Let me help you show up as the ideal version of yourself.